Wellness Services

At Mint Nutrition, we believe that every person should be able to feel and look their best. However, environmental factors, intrinsic aging, and other health problems leave many people feeling tired, sick, and emotionally worn down.

Wellness Services in Mooresville, NC

 At our wellness clinic, we are committing to helping our clients find the root causes of their health problems and developing a plan that can help each person live their healthiest life. We provide many different wellness services in Mooresville, NC including nutritional coaching, anti-aging services, gastrointestinal health services, special plans for athletes, and much more.   

Why Should You Choose Mint Nutrition?

At our wellness clinic, we take a much broader view of health and wellness. An important part of our practice is making sure you get the time and attention you need from us so we can fully understand your situation and needs. We provide extensive wellness assessments for each person. 

Our Founder, Christiane Matey, developed her passion for helping others achieve wellness through her own journey. Growing up in the restaurant business, she developed a love for delicious food and eventually become a licensed nutritionist. Through her own struggles with weight and gut health, she became even more committed to coming alongside others. Each client will receive a unique health and wellness plan along with the accountability needed to be successful.

What Wellness Services Do We Provide in Mooresville, NC?

Anti-Aging Services

We are passionate about longevity, but to us, a long life means more than just living for a long time. It means having the best health possible even as your body ages. Many of the aches and pains and health problems that can come with the aging process are preventable and can be traced back to inflammation in the body. If we can calm down this inflammation, we can improve your quality of life and help you achieve longevity. 

Our anti-aging services can help you feel better and can even promote a more youthful appearance. We start our anti-aging health services by taking a look at your current health and identifying problem areas. Then we use a combination of treatments, supplements, lifestyle medicine, and food to help your body heal and give it the resources it needs to thrive.

Weight Management Services

One of the most frustrating areas of health and wellness for many people is weight loss. Underlying factors can play a big role in whether you are able to lose weight. These underlying factors can be everything from behaviors that seem impossible to change to undiagnosed or uncontrolled medical conditions that prevent you from losing weight. We take your whole person into account when we find the right weight management services for you. You are a complex person with history, beliefs, and physiology and every detail is important. 

We love teaching our clients to view food as medicine that can also be delicious. Health and wellness should be full of the joy of preparing and eating foods that are nourishing for your body and your soul. As part of our wellness services, we will perform extensive labs, bloodwork, and testing to ensure that we don’t miss anything when developing your weight management plan. Our diet plans and other medical treatments are all designed to improve your health, not just take the pounds off.

Gastrointestinal Health Services

If you are feeling fatigued, you have trouble sleeping, you struggle with acne breakouts, or you have frequent digestive problems, it may all be related to your gastrointestinal health. By helping you have a healthy gut, we can improve your immunity, better the quality of your sleep, improve your mental health, and make you feel more energetic. 

We are experts in finding foods that are healing to the gut and we take sensitivities and allergies into account. We can also recommend supplements and other treatments to help support your gut health. We offer different plans to suit every situation.

Athletic Performance Services

If you are an athlete who is struggling with unpredictable health or performance, a nutritionist can make sure you are getting all of the nutrients that you need whether you are having an active day or a rest day. With our health services, you will get individualized treatments to help keep you at optimal health no matter what type of athlete you are. 

With your athletic performance services, we include micronutrient testing, genetic testing, blood tests, and more to ensure that we have a full picture of your health. You can ask us about our three-month base program or our fast six-week program that can help address different needs. 

Integrative and Functional Medicine

At our wellness clinic, we understand that our clients are more than just numbers and notes on a chart. Every person who comes to us for help has a unique set of situations. With our integrative and functional medicine, we are interested in the whole person including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

All of our services are patient-centric and we specialize in mold and mycotoxin illness, GI problems, anti-aging, and much more. We have a “food is medicine” and lifestyle medicine approach that takes both your current and future health into consideration. 

Health and Nutrition Services in Mooresville, NC

At Mint Nutrition, we value perseverance, respect, honesty, integrity, and responsibility. We will always put in the work that is needed to help all of our patients feel healthy, energetic, and revitalized. At our wellness clinic, we will always put you first and find safe and nourishing ways to solve health problems, help you lose weight, and more. Contact us today for our health and wellness services in Mooresville, NC. 

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