Many of the illnesses we experience later in life are due to inflammation. Diet is a big factor in creating inflammation and therefore one of your greatest tools in reducing it. So is exercise. Through our designed nutrition and lifestyle plans, we work to help you reduce chronic inflammation, increase overall health, and optimize your life to the fullest.

Weight Management

Without proper outside guidance, taking on weight challenges can feel isolating, frustrating, and futile. At Mint Nutrition, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and address you and your goals from a holistic, science-based viewpoint. And because we believe in you, our personalized plans aim to inspire, empower, and give you agency within your own personal health journey.

Gastrointestinal Health

Troubleshooting gastrointestinal issues can feel like entering a house of mirrors without targeted and specialized testing, nutritional assessments and careful evaluation of personal history.

Integrative & Functional Medicine

We practice integrative & functional medicine and take an evidence-based approach to health and wellness to help our patients thrive and feel their best. Our whole-body approach includes patient-centered care that empowers and educates patients to make informed decisions about their health so that they can address the root cause of certain symptoms and begin a journey toward optimal health and wellness.

Athletic Performance

From helping you access that extra 1 percent you need to be competitive as an elite athlete to ensuring you feel your best across all your athletic pursuits and goals, our personalized nutrition plans and science-based approach aim to optimize athletic performance for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Mycotoxin and Mold Illness

Mycotoxin and mold illness can be the root cause for many symptoms. Through our extensive health assessment and review of integrative labs, we help identify areas to focus on, assisting in reducing symptoms and helping you feel better.

Our Personalized Approach

Understanding You + Healing From Within

Our goal is to help you achieve genuine, whole-body wellness. In order to do this, and get at the underlying root causes for your symptoms, we take the time to fully understand your health needs and goals through in-depth assessments and specialized testing.

People-Centered Care That Empowers

Through a combination of conventional medicine, nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and evidence-based reports and therapies, we support you with the kind of people-first care that inspires, engages, and empowers.

Comprehensive Support for
The Whole Person

With Mint Nutrition, you can expect to receive 100% of our attention, expertise, and experience. Through one-on-one coaching, we are able to offer tailored, clinically relevant nutritional recommendations and interventions, and micro-adjust along the way according to your goals, desired outcomes, and progress.

Meet Christiane Matey

Hi, I’m Christiane Matey — Chef and mother, licensed nutritionist, registered dietitian and founder of Mint Nutrition in Mooresville, North Carolina. I’m obsessed with really good food and living a healthy lifestyle. My struggles with body image, weight and gastrointestinal issues (which might be similar to yours) led me to study integrative nutrition, which is a whole person approach to empowering people to feel better and make lasting changes. Basically, I’m trained to help you learn about good nutrition and take control of your life with knowledge and accountability.

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