Mint Nutrition Services Tailored to Fit You

Our integrative, functional, evidence-based approach to health and wellness is designed to meet you where you are while taking all aspects of your history into account.

Through a combination of functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and highly specialized testing (think: genetics, hormones, micronutrients, the protein makeup of your body), as well as lifestyle interventions, we create personalized plans that help you find optimal body function, health, wellness, and performance.

Mint Nutrition Services—Tailored to Fit YOU

As a whole, health and wellness is about more than just the absence of disease or sub-optimal habits. It’s about how we experience every day, and embrace ourselves through science-based nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

Some of the ways our Mint Nutrition team works closely with you to achieve cohesive, whole-body health and wellness include:

Health Assessment

Learning all about you and what your body needs to optimize health and wellness.

Fast Program

A 6-week program empowering you to create new habits, reduce inflammation and feel your best! Available in group or corporate wellness programs.

Base Program

A comprehensive personalized program designed to improve your health and reach individualized goals. Available in 6-, 8- and 12-week programs.

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