Weight Management

Losing excess weight to reach a healthy weight can solve many health issues. It can also help you look better and feel more confident in daily life. At MINT Nutrition in Mooresville, NC, we know that weight loss can be difficult, but our weight management plans, with personalized programs and nutrition plans, take the guesswork out of weight loss.

Weight Management

Losing weight without any guidance can feel frustrating, isolating, and futile. The good news is that there is another way that doesn’t involve you constantly feeling discouraged. MINT Nutrition offers weight management plans to meet your needs while addressing your weight loss and health goals.

These plans use a holistic, science-based approach. We believe in you and that you have what it takes to reach your goals, and we want to give you the tools to achieve your goals.

Personalized Weight Management Plans

Our personalized plans are designed to inspire, empower, and help you take control of your health journey. We will guide you along the way using different methods, each custom-tailored to your unique needs. Our weight management services include a health assessment, one-on-one coaching, personalized lifestyle medicine plans, and personalized nutrition plans.

Health Assessment

Our programs begin with a detailed health assessment. We learn more about your background and current health challenges to get to the root cause of any issues you may be facing. We also want to learn more about your exact goals and needs so that we can design a program that gives you the tools, techniques, and nutritional guidance to reach those goals.

This health assessment will address various aspects of your overall health so that we can learn more about you and use our science-based approach to design a holistic program that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health and well-being.

Labs, Bloodwork, and Testing

We perform labs and bloodwork and can also use highly specialized testing, including genetic, hormone, micronutrient, and bodily protein makeup testing, to personalize your lifestyle medicine plans.

This testing process helps us determine the root cause of any issues and then take the proper steps to address those concerns within your personalized medicine plan. We can optimize your journey towards improved health and wellness with integrative medicine to promote and improve your overall health.

The Base Program

The Base Program is a six-, eight-, or twelve-week program with one-on-one coaching. This program can help you connect the dots between necessary lifestyle changes that will help you address the root cause of specific health concerns. We will use our one-on-one coaching to help you implement your personalized plan and encourage you along the way.

The Vitality Program

The Vitality Program is included with every Base Program, and is specifically designed to reduce internal inflammation while helping you learn the importance of longevity. It will be also available for self-guided online learning soon. 

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Plans

Diet, nutrition, and exercise are all critical components of weight loss, as are lifestyle changes. At MINT Nutrition, we practice integrative medicine and create custom plans that empower you to improve your health and make the best decisions for you. We don’t believe anyone should fit inside a weight loss management box, so we design personalized lifestyle medicine plans to supplement the nutritional changes on your weight loss journey.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a weight loss program. It won’t be easy to lose weight and reach your goals without changing your diet. The good news is that if changing your diet has only frustrated you in the past, we can help change that. Once we perform a health assessment and learn more about your health background, current health, and dietary needs, we can design the right nutritional plan for you.

A Diet Plan That Improves Your Health

Losing weight isn’t just about reducing caloric intake, although that is an integral part of the equation. We believe that food is medicine, and we will design a program that nourishes your body while reducing internal inflammation. We don’t believe in fad diets but want to optimize your health and wellness with a holistic approach and the right food combinations.

Your personal nutritional plan may include fasting, including intermittent fasting. We aim to design diet plans that include healthy, nutrient-dense food options that you will enjoy. We strive to help you replace unhealthy choices with more nutritious versions and avoid the foods, additives, and ingredients that won’t support your weight loss or ultimate health.

One-On-One Coaching

At MINT Nutrition, you can count on us to be your health advocates, and we use one-on-one coaching to supplement your personalized plan and provide the accountability you need on your weight loss journey. We remain available as needed throughout this process and will coach you, keep in touch, answer any questions, and provide the encouragement you need to stay the course to reach your goals.

Weight Loss the Healthy Way

You don’t have to turn to another fad diet or spend endless hours at the gym to reach your goal weight. With a combination of coaching, integrative medicine, lifestyle changes, a personalized diet plan, and the correct type of exercise, you can reach a healthy weight and improve your health at the same time. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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