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At MINT Nutrition in Mooresville, NC, we practice integrative & functional medicine and take an evidence-based approach to health and wellness to help our patients thrive and feel their best. Our whole-body approach includes patient-centered care that empowers and educates patients to make informed decisions about their health so that they can address the root cause of certain symptoms and begin a journey toward optimal health and wellness.

Integrative & Functional Medicine

Our goal is to provide services that help you achieve your wellness goals and optimal health. We do that by taking a whole-body approach to treating our patients through personalized health assessments, custom lifestyle medicine, supplementation, and custom-tailored diet plans.

Whole health and wellness refer to more than just living absent of disease while following sub-optimal habits. Instead, total health and wellness is a daily experience; it’s how we view and embrace ourselves through exercise, science-based nutrition, and awareness.

A Whole Body Approach to Health and Wellness

MINT Nutrition takes a whole-body approach to health and wellness with integrative & functional medicine. We don’t look at each body system as a separate entity that requires individual treatment but instead understand that each bodily system affects the other; all are related. For that reason, we treat the body as a whole system with an integrative, innovative, whole approach to wellness and a personalized approach to nutrition and lifestyle medicine. We specialize in several different areas, including:

  • Mycotoxin and mold illness
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Weight management
  • Athletic performance
  • Anti-aging medicine

Patient-Centered Care

At MINT Nutrition, patient-centered care lies at the foundation of our practice. We believe in comprehensive support for the whole person, and in providing people-centered care that empowers, we aim to help you better understand your health so that you can heal from within. What makes us different is that we go to great lengths to spend the time necessary to understand your needs and goals. We do this through in-depth personal health assessments and specialized testing.

When you begin a treatment plan at MINT Nutrition, you’ll receive 100% of our attention and will be treated by experts with experience who can teach you how to take control of your health and make informed decisions. Our one-on-one coaching allows us to deliver tailored, clinically relevant nutritional recommendations and interventions to our patients and make adjustments as needed to promote your continued progress.

Viewing Food as Medicine

One of the foundational aspects of our practice is that we view food as medicine. When you’re not giving your body the food it needs to thrive, you will eventually experience negative symptoms. When you view food as medicine, everything changes. It’s easier to avoid certain foods when you know how and why they will detract from your overall health.

Understanding the Importance of a Healthy Diet

When you have the education and tools to replace unhealthy food options with nutrient-rich, nourishing foods that will support your body and your health and wellness goals, you’ll experience a healing process. We create custom nutrition plans for our patients based on their needs, but at the base of each plan is a focus on reducing inflammation.

Your health will improve when you avoid inflammatory foods and replace them with antioxidant-rich, nourishing options. We consider food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences when designing our nutrition plans so patients can enjoy eating healthier foods and not feel like they’ve been severely restricted.

Determining the Root Cause of Health Issues and Negative Symptoms

We also focus heavily on patient-centered care to determine the root cause of health issues and negative symptoms. A symptom is a message to your body that there’s a bigger problem. Treating the symptom does nothing for the root issue and can only worsen it.

When you seek treatment at MINT Nutrition, we will never prescribe a medication to treat your symptoms that will only cause adverse health reactions. Instead, we will use specialized testing, including genetic testing, hormone testing, micronutrient testing, labs, and bloodwork, to find out more about your current health and determine the root cause of your symptoms so that we can resolve the primary cause.


When designing treatment plans, we also consider supplements that will help support your health and goals. While food is the primary medicine, supplements can help fill in the gaps of even the healthiest diets. Once we perform our initial health assessment and the necessary testing process, we can make supplement recommendations that will help benefit your health.

Lifestyle Medicine

Our lifestyle medicine is rooted in taking a whole-body approach to your health. We will make both diet and exercise recommendations after performing the necessary testing so that you can improve your health and how you feel on a daily basis. Because patients have all different concerns, medical histories, health challenges, and goals, our diet and exercise plans are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

What We Offer

We offer two primary packages at MINT Nutrition that can meet the needs of different patients. Each personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan begins with an extensive health assessment, and each plan includes personalized recommendations custom-tailored to the patient. These personalized programs can focus on gut health, mold illness, anti-aging, athletic performance, and weight management.

The Base Program

The Base Program is a three-month integrative & functional medicine health and wellness program that’s custom-tailored to the needs of the patient. It includes one-on-one coaching, which will help connect the dots between your body and your health and help you implement your personalized plan.

The Fast Program

The Fast Program is for patients who want to see results within a short period of time. This six-week program is specifically tailored to reduce inflammation and help patients reach different health and wellness goals while also learning the importance of longevity. The Fast Program package includes a tool kit and workbook.

Invest in Your Health

If you’re experiencing symptoms and are tired of masking your pain with prescription medications or lifestyle habits that are only detracting from your health, we can help you transform your lifestyle and improve your health with one of our custom-tailored integrative & functional medicine treatment plans. These plans are an investment in your current and future health and will promote your health on multiple levels. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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