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At Mint Nutrition, we provide nutrition, health, and wellness services in Charlotte, NC that take your whole person into consideration. Because we have been on our own personal health journeys, we have a passion for helping others using our nutritional, weight management, anti-aging, and other health services.

Wellness Services near Charlotte, NC

If you have been struggling with your health or you feel like your attempts to lose weight are a constant losing battle, it may be time to seek out help from a nutritionist and medical professional who cares about you as a whole person. 

Why Mint Nutrition for Health Services?

We understand that each person has unique factors that can form a crucial part of their health journey. Every individual who walks through our doors has a different story. Family history, past trauma, lifestyle choices, personal beliefs, and more can have an impact on health. That is why we are well-suited to helping others with their health journeys. 

Our founder Christiane Matey started Mint Nutrition after overcoming many of her own health struggles. As a passionate chef and nutritionist, Christiane Matey is uniquely positioned to help patients heal their relationship with food while restoring joy in eating delicious and healthy foods. All of our services are tailored to fit you and we move into each treatment plan with a desire to keep your safety and well-being at the center of every service. 

Our Wellness Services to Promote a Healthier You

Gastrointestinal Health Services

If your gut health isn’t optimal, it can have an impact on every aspect of your life. Many of the symptoms that you are experiencing such as skin problems, autoimmune diseases, mood disorders, weight gain, and more can be connected to your gut health. 

Our gastrointestinal health services are designed to help restore the health of your whole body. We begin with a health assessment to find out where you currently are with your health and to help determine where you would like to be. We take a look at your current habits and all of the symptoms that you experience on a daily basis. Once we have a clear idea of your health, we can structure a nutritional plan which can include delicious foods to promote a thriving gut along with supplements and lifestyle changes.  

Weight Management Services

Part of many people’s health goals is losing weight. Being at a healthy weight can help with everything from heart health to bone and joint health. However, many people struggle to find effective and safe ways to lose weight. Our weight management services are science-based and are centered around the needs of your individual body. We can help you meet your goals without the frustration of having to do it on your own. You’ll get one-on-one coaching, bloodwork, and labs to make sure there aren’t any underlying conditions. Then we will give you a nutrition plan that is designed specifically for you and your weight loss goals. The aim of our weight management services is to help you to be healthy, happy, and thriving. 

Anti-Aging Services

While many people focus on outward methods of anti-aging, we find that many of these are only surface-level treatments. At our wellness clinic, we focus on the root factors that can cause aging to speed up. We want you to age gracefully and to feel great as you grow older. 

Reducing inflammation is a key part of what we do. Inflammation can cause the aging process to become much more accelerated and can make it more uncomfortable. Through our individualized health assessments, we can determine the nutrition and supplements that will best help support you, reduce your inflammation, and help you to feel strong, energetic, and free from aches and pains. 

Integrative and Functional Medicine

At our wellness clinic, we believe that you are a whole person and shouldn’t just be defined by any conditions that you may have. Through our integrative and functional medicine, we seek to understand everything that could be having an impact on your health. We look for patterns, lifestyle choices, genetics, beliefs, and more.

With our practice, we focus on finding underlying causes and then developing a treatment plan that supports your body’s natural healing processes. One of the ways that we do this is by viewing food as medicine. Not only do we help you through our nutritional and supplementation recommendations, but we also help educate you so that you can have the tools to take control of your health. 

Athletic Performance Services

The foods that you eat can dramatically impact your athletic performance. If you want nutritional advice to help you be the best athlete you can possibly be, we are here to support your goals. You will get the best one-on-one care followed by an individualized plan that will help you feel energetic and strong when the day of your competition, race, or game comes. 

We offer two different programs for athletes. Our Base Program is an extensive three-month program that will give you all of the tools you need to put your body on a path to health and wellness. Or you can choose our Fast Program which is a quick six-week program that can help reduce inflammation and make you feel your best. 

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